Album Preproduction

If you are thinking of recording an album ,come in solo or with your band and we can record your band and songs to take away and listen to how the songs really sound.

Album/Song Production & Recording

We can take your songs from an original freshly written song, record and produce it for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a band we can provide musicians in house.


If you have been recording at home and want to bring your project to the next level.

Have you recorded elsewhere and want to try an alternative mix of your track? All you have to bring along is your audio files on CD,DVD or hard drive and together we can develop fresh ideas. Try to exhaust our sample library!

Editing/Vocal tuning

Whatever issues you may have with a vocal or instrument take we have likely fixed similar already on another session.


Be inspired by Lettercollum’s atmosphere and our vast collection of instruments to get the right take together.

Session Musicians

Some of Irelands best musicians and many international artists have chosen West Cork as their home. We are in close contact with them all and can call on them if required to enhance your project.

CD Duplication/Replication

With your album finished we can assist you in completing your product with regards to mastering, ISRC embedding and duplication/replication.

Tour Preproduction/Rehearsal

Our main room is setup with a full PA system which is tied into the recording setup. This allows a band to rehearse a live set and listen back to tighten your performance.

Live Recording

UnknownWe can provide 24track mobile recording complete with split multicores and record your show with 24hr lead time. One of Irelands most famous live venues, De Barra Folk Club Clonakilty, might be a platform for your live recording.

Stage Services

Conceived and designed from the onset to offer artists a comfortable 360 degree service that is sympathetic to the creation and performance of shows, Stage Services Ireland provides state of the art technology with which to capture it. Our services span exhibitions, award presentations, theatre productions, conferences, TV shows, music festivals and concerts, product launches, school plays, full scale touring productions and fashion shows, in Ireland and abroad.

Record Label/Publishing Company

We are happy to forward your recordings to our friend Tom Glagow, owner and managing director of Care Music Group .Since October 2008, this is the new home for the Music Company that will take care of Publishing, Recording, Management, Consulting and Promotion. It is about the Artist / Writer, not about Shareholder Value, promised! You can count on Tom – He takes care – Promised!

Karsten Jahnke Concerts

Our friend Karsten runs one of Europes largest and most prestigiouss concert agencies for rock/jazz/traditional artists. Should you wish so we are glad to present your recordings to him.


10 minutes from us Niall runs his restaurant and catering business The Pink Elephant . He will be delighted to accomodate you with delicious and healthy food in house or delivered to the studio.


With its ideal location Timoleague a short drive to Clonakilty and Kinsale, the surrounding area offers a variety of options to suit all budgets. We can arrange this upon your request.